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I started in internet marketing back in 2007 with a simple free blogspot blog in the forex niche and in 2008 I had my first partner that we started our first membership site in that niche. At that time, we had 5000 subscribers on our list and launched the membership site. In the first 2 years we made 700k profit only from the membership site without affiliates or any paid AdS.

Then in 2010 I started to learn more about marketing, affiliate marketing, sales pages and more and after attending offline events in Europe, I had my first product launch that was in the software niche.
In 3 days, I had over 80k in sales and ended up with over 150k in sales. Since then, I pivoted to marketing and the rest of its history.

Maybe you wonder what the goal of this blog is. Well, I want to provide marketing tips and tricks that can help you moving forward in your online and offline marketing career.

I was looking to start this blog a long time ago (10 years) and I always had an excuse that is not worth my time, but I think the most important is to see others succeed too.

What I will love to see is YOU take a massive action and everything it’s possible, this is what I teach my High Level customers that I worked with one on one.

What should you expect on this blog? I’m going to cover marketing, website traffic, list building, tech, entrepreneur life and everything that’s about building a business from scratch.
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